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hosting et Domain name are terms you’ve likely come across on the Internet. So if you want to know what they are and how they differ, you’ve come to the right place.

Web hosting and domain name are the two basic things you need to build a website. Working together, they create websites on the Internet. However, these two are very different despite their cooperation.

In this article, we will introduce you to the real difference between web hosting and domain name, as well as everything you need to know.

But before that, if you’ve never installed WordPress, discover How to install a WordPress blog in steps 7 et How to find, install and activate WordPress on your blog

Let’s go back to why we’re here.

1. What is hosting?

Simply put, web hosting is like renting space on the internet to host your website. You can buy this space from vendors hosting services, also known as Web host. When you do this, other people can use your site over the internet.

Before setting up a website, you must first have room for hosting server. A server is basically a computer that is always up and running and is connected to the Internet.

When you buy web hosting, you rent server space to store your website. Then people will be able to access your site via the internet.

Note, however, that not all hosting services are created equal.

Types of web hosting

There are different types of web hosting to choose from depending on your needs. Stuff like expense, warehouse space, band, etc… may also vary depending on the type of accommodation. Therefore, it is important to understand what the different types of web hosting are.

When it comes to hosting services, shared hosting is considered to be the cheapest, lower quality option. With shared hosting, your website will share server space with other websites. Since many websites use the resources of a single server, this is not suitable for sites with large numbers of visitors.

Such a budget option can be a good choice for both small businesses and small websites in general.

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)

In a VPS system, one server is shared by many websites, but with one important difference. It uses a special technology known as virtualizationwhich splits the server into several virtual servers.

As a result, each site has its own separate space on the server. Basically, this means you will have more resources compared to shared hosting.

If you want something better than shared hosting but don’t want to rent an entire server, then VPS is for you.

With dedicated hosting, you will be able to have the entire server (or servers) to yourself. If you don’t want to share your server with any other site, this is the way to go.

Since your site won’t need to share resources with any other site, it can be faster and serve more visitors. Moreover, you will have full control over the entire server.

It works best for large websites with lots of visitors and is generally more expensive than the previous options.

In managed hosting, the hosting company completely manages the server. You will have the entire server to yourself without having to worry about things like administration, security, updates, etc. As a result, managed hosting offers a much simpler and more user-friendly experience.

If you’re willing to sacrifice control for the sake of convenience, managed hosting might be for you.

Here are the different types of web hosting you can find on the internet. This is not a complete list, but should include the most commonly used ones.

2. What is a domain name?

A domain name is simply the name used to locate a website on the Internet. For example, you can type „blogpascher.com” in the address bar of your web browser to visit our site. Here „blogpascher.com” is the domain name of our website.

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Likewise when you walk in „Www.google.com” in the address bar of your web browser, your browser will use this domain name to find out where the website is located and open the Google search engine for you.

This gets a bit more complex if you want to detail how it works. When you enter a domain name in a browser (for example www.google.com), it makes a request to a database known as Domain Name System (DNS). This database will provide the browser with the IP address special.

The browser will then use that IP address to go to the server hosting the website. From there, it will have access to the various files necessary to display the website.

As you may have noticed, not all domain names are the same Structure. For example, „www.google.com” and „www.hse.gov.uk” are two domain names, but you can see that they are structured differently. To better understand this, the different domain types are explained below.

Types of domains

First of all, it should be noted that there are different levels of domains. Some domains are ranked higher in the domain name system (DNS), while others are ranked lower. The different types are shown below.

I. Top-level domain (TLD)

As the name suggests, these domains occupy the highest levels of DNS. Each domain name requires a top-level domain at the end.

In the domain name „www.blogpascher.com‚you can see it’binary optionsis the TLD because it is at the end. Other examples of top-level domains are easy to find, such as business, edu, gove.t.c.

ii. Second level domain (SLD)

Second level domains appear directly below the TLDs in the hierarchy. In the domain name, you can find the SLD on the left side.

To understand this better, let’s take the example „www.blogpascher.com„again. SLD will be here”blogpascherBecause it’s to the left of the TLD. For a domain like „www.amazon.co.uk„SLD will be”What„.

iii. Third and lower level domains

As you can guess, the third-level domains are located directly below the SLD in the hierarchy. They are rarer compared to previous domain types. You will find them on the left side of the SLD.

For example in „www.amazon.co.uk„, The third level domain is”Amazon„. Additionally, the TLD and SLD domains would be „uk„AND”WhatRespectively

According to this model, many other downstream domains can exist.

3. Web hosting and domain name

When it comes to the difference between web hosting and domain name, it’s quite easy to understand. These are two completely different things that must work together for a website to function properly.

On the one hand, hosting is where your website is located. However, the domain name is the address of that location.

Web hosting is basically a storage that stores all of your website’s files. On the other hand, the domain name stores nothing. All it does is point your browser to the hosting server.

When it comes to hosting and domain, one cannot say that one is more important or better than the other. In fact, these two sites need to work together for the website to work.

How hosting and domain names interact

The basic idea is that web hosting is the space for your website while the domain name is the storage address. If the hosting is a home that contains all the website files, the domain name is the home address.

These files are required for the website to function as stored on the hosting server. For someone to actually access this file, they need to know where that server is located on the Internet.

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The domain name appears here. If you have a domain name, you can direct your browser to the exact location of these files. And finally you will be able to use the site.

4. Where to buy hosting and domain name?

The best hosting services

Choosing the right web hosting is one of the most important things you can do as a website owner. Before signing up for a hosting account, there are important considerations to consider such as bandwidth, services, and costs. As a result, you have to be careful when choosing the best hosting service.

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Top domain name registrars

As with website hosting, there are also many options for domain names. Domain name registration is also not easy.

The order that it is a high-quality domain name registrar cannot go wrong NameCheap.


NameCheap provides domain names at a very affordable price, with the .com domain available for just $ 8.88 per year. It is also backed by a number of useful features such as personal data privacy and dedicated 24/7 customer support.

For alternatives to NameCheap, here are some of the notable options.

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Voila! This was our article on hosting, domain names and the difference between them. If you own or plan to own a website, now you can make good use of this information.

Hosting and domain names vary widely, and it’s important to know the differences.

However, you will also be able to consult us Resourcesif you need more items to complete your web development projects, check out our guide on the site Create a WordPress blog.

Don’t hesitate share this article with your friends on your favorite social networks. Meanwhile, please let us know about yours commentaires and suggestions in the dedicated section.