Divi: The easiest WordPress theme to use

Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

more Download 600,000Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. It’s complete, easy to use, and comes with more than 62 free templates. [Zalecane]

In times of economic uncertainty and social distancing, companies are looking to expand their online presence more than ever.

If you’re looking to start an online business or are a freelance writer who creates websites for business, Elementor can help you successfully build a website that is affordable and easy to maintain.

Elementor is visual WordPress website builderwhich means you can create great looking projects without writing a single line of code. If you want to know a little more about this WordPress plugin, you can check out our article on the Elementor interface presentation

In this article, we’ll tell you a bit more about why Elementor is the best website builder. Next, we’ll show you how to use Elementor to build a website.

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Let’s go back to why we’re here.

If you want more information on using Elementor to build your website, HubSpot and Elementor Academy We’ve teamed up to offer a free online course that covers everything from setting up hosting to building and running your WordPress site.

Why you should use Elementor for website development

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Using Elementor to build web pages can:

  • Save time and help build sites faster.
  • Reduce the complexity of your websites, eliminate bugs, and create an easier maintenance process when it comes to updates and testing.
  • Save money and simplify costs to get a better project quote.

Let’s take a look at the benefits.

Save time and avoid the code

Whether you are a designer, developer, or just a user regular WordPress, Elementor can speed up your workflow with a visual interface that supports drag-and-drop functionality.

Throughout the entire experience, you will never have to interact directly with the code unless you want to. If you want a little more control, you can easily use your own custom CSS if it is necessary.

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Finally, if you really want to save time, Elementor comes with hundreds of templates that you can import. All you need to do is import the template you like, edit the content to suit your brand, and you’re done.

Reduce complexity and eliminate errors

For a typical WordPress site, the end product is usually a patchwork of plugins from different developers.

Nothing connects these separate tools apart from the time and effort put into using them to create a consistent website.

That’s fine for a while, but can also lead to potential problems as each developer independently changes and updates their plugin.

For example your developer WordPress slider plug may make the change that is causing problems on the home page(which you created with a different plugin).

With Elementor, you have access to all important tools under one roof.

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For example, with Elementor et Elementor Proyou get tools that will help you create:

  • sliders
  • forms
  • lead generation forms
  • galleries
  • popups
  • wallets
  • pricing tables
  • and a lot more…

All of these tools are available in the same plugin from the same developer, so you can rest assured that a change to Lead Gen Forms will never cause an issue with the popup that displays the form.

Moreover, it makes life much easier when it comes time to update your sites. Instead of using a test website to test many different plugins at different times, you just need to test and update one tool.

Basically, you can use Elementor as the backbone of your website to keep things simple and then struggle to achieve certain business goals like using HubSpot free WordPress plugin generating leads via form, live chat and pop-ups, all of which are submitted to HubSpot CRM free.

Easily create your website with Elementor

Elementor allows you to easily create any website design with a professional look. Stop paying dearly for what you can do yourself. [Bezpłatny]

Save money and simplify costs

Finally, Elementor can help you save money on large projects.

Just as accessing important tools in a plugin reduces the complexity of your website, it also lowers the price you have to pay.

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Elementor has a free version for Basic Builder. Then to access additional features such as forms, sliders, pop-ups and more, all you need is a flat fee.

There’s no need to recharge for different features or buy different plugins, keeping costs down.

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It also helps to reduce costs and facilitate the valuation of customer projects. Instead of fixing a few different tools in your proposal, you can greatly simplify it and focus on how much you pay for your time and knowledge, not on tools.

How to use Elementor to build websites

Now that you know a few reasons why Elementor is such a great website builder, let’s take a look at how to use Elementor to build an amazing website.

1. Choose a theme

Elementor is a plugin, so you always need to select a theme to pair with Elementor.

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Since you are going to be using Elementor to control the design of all / most of your website, you should focus on finding a WordPress theme that offers the features you need as well as full functionality support. Elementor. For example, if you want to be able to add employees, references, and portfolio, you should choose a theme with these post types – such as Pearl WordPress Theme.

Another lightest possible base is Hello Elementor Theme. Hello is basically 100% blank canvas for your designs.

As WordPress Hello theme does not add any of its own styles or features, it will keep your site light and smooth loading.

If you want a WordPress theme with your own styles, for example to control the header of your website or to handle transactions in your WooCommerce online store, you need to check out this collection Best Elementor WordPress Themes.

2. Select your Elementor version

Elementor is available in both free version at WordPress.orgas well as a premium version that adds many more features, the so-called Elementor Pro.

With the free version of Elementor, you can create websites page by page. For example, you can create a layout for your home page that is different for your ” Page of o », Then create separate pages for each item in the portfolio.

However, to go beyond that, you may have to consider Elementor Pro.

Elementor Pro not only gives you more design tools like sliders and forms, it also gives you a whole new way to create websites with the Theme Maker.

With Elementor Theme Builder, you can create templates and apply them to all or part of your website. For example, you can design sections of your website such as:

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  • Heading
  • page archives (the page containing all your blog posts)
  • single pages (individual blog post)
  • footers
  • WooCommerce products

You can also include dynamic content in your designs, such as content added with custom fields.

Since you can create a unique template that applies to all or part of your content, Elementor Pro is a great option for dynamic websites.

It is also useful on other types of websites thanks to new content widgets such as:

  • forms
  • sliders
  • galleries
  • portfolio
  • price lists
  • and a lot more…

Again, this both simplifies your site and lowers its cost. (because Elementor Pro comes with all the features for the same price).

3. Start creating with Elementor

Once you’ve chosen the right WordPress theme and the correct Elementor version you want, you’re ready to start creating.

To design your content, you can start with a blank page or import one of the Elementor templates.

To quickly create a consistent website, you can even use it Elementor template sets, i.e. a set of templates for each page of the site, up to 404 page.

Whether you start with a blank board or template, you’ll find yourself in Elementor’s visual and scrollable interface.

On the right, you’ll see a real-time preview of your design – you’ll see exactly what your site visitors will see.

You can then use the sidebar on the left to add and configure content and layout elements.

For example, if you want to add a button to your project, just drag it from the sidebar. Then you can adjust its settings using the same sidebar.

To learn more about how Elementor’s UI works, you can watch the video below:

Build websites with Elementor today

Now, more than ever, companies want to appear on the Internet.

Whether you want to start your own online presence or help your customers connect, learning to use Elementor to build your website will not only help you create beautiful, effective sites, but also:

  • Save time and eliminate the need to work directly with the code.
  • Eliminate compatibility issues and simplify maintenance by keeping all essential tools in one place.
  • Save money and simplify costs by eliminating the need to purchase multiple separate plugins for key functions.

To check if Elementor is right for you, you can install free version from WordPress.org and start building your first website.

Also, discover some premium WordPress plugins

You can use other WordPress plugins to give a modern look and optimize the feel of your blog or website.

We offer several premium WordPress plugins here to help you do just that.

1. SEO autopilot for WooCommerce

Cross Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blog content is a very important part of any e-commerce website. The native WooCommerce way does not support SEO, this WordPress plugin adds this feature to WooCommerce automatically, so it can communicate better with different search engines.

As functions, it offers, among others: automation and keyword optimization, removing advertisements, spam or other similar distractions, unlimited personalization of metadata on all pages; backup, restore and reset are available, compliance with the GDPR, customer support available and more.

Download | Demo | hosting

2. Team presentation

Team Showcase is the perfect add-on designed to display team members in a beautiful grid or responsive carousel. You will be able to manage your members by grouping them into separate teams. To do this, simply select the options you want to display, select a WordPress theme and apply a predefined color to it.

Therefore, no line of code will be required for this action. Its features include: 10 special themes, 10 color schemes, 10 display options, CSS3 animation effects, the ability to insert on the page, fully responsive designEtc …

Download | Demo | hosting

Easily create your online store

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3. Composium

This is a Visual Composer extension that adds to the latter, over 90 new items to the default content of this plugin. In addition, it comes with a lightbox, a font manager, custom post types, and much more.

Its other features are: 16 icon fonts and 4+ icons, icon font support, support Google font manager, more than 70 CSS3 animation effects, widget generator, intelligent file management, etc.

Download | Demo | hosting

Recommended resources

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Here! That’s all for this tutorial, we hope it will make using Elementor for web development easier. Do you still have questions or suggestions? Please let us know within commentaires.

However, you can also consult our resourcesif you need more items to complete your web development projects check out our guide on Create a WordPress blog.

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