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Do you want to add Google Maps to your WordPress blog or Google Maps on your website? Remember that there are several WordPress plugins for Google Maps available and it can be very difficult to find the right one.

In this article, we will offer you best premium WordPress plugins qui vous aideront à ajouter facilement une carte Google Maps sur votre site web. Sans plus tarder nous vous invitons à les consulter.

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Then check out our list together.

1. Progress map

Progress Map is a WordPress plugin designed for geolocation. The purpose is to help website users for hotel listing, real estate advertisingrestaurant lists job offers, in-store announcements and more… organize your locations on Google Map and easily navigate the map with the carousel.

In other words, with this plugin your placements will be published in both Google Map (markers) and on the carousel. The carousel is linked to the map, which means that the selected item in the carousel will target its location on the map and vice versa.

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To add your destinations, the Progress Map provides a form space on the „Add New Item” page that allows you to easily add location coordinates.

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2. Google Maps Pro

Google Maps Pro propose plusieurs options de personnalisation. Vous pourrez facilement ajouter des emplacements, choisir la taille de la carte, les contrôles, les types de carte, et même choisir une apparence. Le tout depuis une interface de personnalisation conviviale.

L’ajout d’une carte sur un article est facile. Tout ce que vous devez faire est de cliquer sur le bouton «ajouter» dans l’éditeur visuel et sélectionner une carte.

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Google Maps Builder vous permet également d’ajouter des marqueurs personnalisés, et même d’afficher des lieux à proximité sur Google.

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3. Advanced Google Maps plugin for WordPress

It is a WordPress Google Maps plugin to create unlimited locations, maps and integrate Google Maps on your website. He reacts multilingualand supports multi-site features.

This WordPress plugin offers several filtering categories including: multiple kml / kmz layers, routes, directions, etc.

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4. WooCommerce car rental

Here is another option with which you can add interactive maps to your WordPress website or blog. The latter offers several features that will allow you to create beautiful cards with your own configurations.

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Vous pourrez ajouter des marqueurs colorés, des fenêtres personnalisées et même rediriger les utilisateurs lorsqu’ils cliquent sur une carte. Vous pourrez enregistrer plusieurs endroits et mettre l’accent sur ces derniers avec des marqueurs.

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5. WP Map plugins

WP Map Plugins offers a wide range of map plugins, from free world map plug with clickable continents to premium continent maps with clickable countries (Africa, Asia, Europe etc) and country maps with regions. / clickable states, UK, France, China etc.).

They also offer premium maps for US states with clickable counties (California, Florida, Texas, etc.).

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Maps are customizable with a simple dashboard with a visual editor without coding knowledge.

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6. Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro is an add-on WordPress plugin that works with various mapping systems: Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, MapQuest, OGD Vienna Maps and Bing Maps.

Plus, you can upload your own custom cards (great option if you are using a plugin to add a mall card, hotel card, wedding card, or other special card).

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Other great features include custom map pins (800 icons included), layers, integrated address lookup, contextual descriptions, easy-to-use shortcode, and more.

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7. Interactive world maps

Interactive World Maps is an add-on WordPress plugin that helps you create as many maps as you want with interactive and colored markers, continents, countries or regions.

It is fully compatible with the new version WordPress and Visual Composer.

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With this plugin you can display many kinds of regions such as: map of the whole world, continent or subcontinent (Africa, Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania and all their subcontinents), country, country divided by region, state of the United States, United States divided by metropolitan area, US state divided by metropolitan area .

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Voila! That’s it for this list the best premium WordPress plugins qui vous permettront d’intégrer une carte Google Maps sur votre site web.

However, you can also consult our resourcesif you need more items to complete your web development projects check out our guide on Create a WordPress blog or the one on Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time.

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