Divi: The easiest WordPress theme to use

Divi: The best WordPress theme of all time!

more Download 600,000Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world. It’s complete, easy to use, and comes with more than 62 free templates. [Zalecane]

Construction firms, more than any other type of firm, depend heavily on their reputation for winning new contracts as well as new clients. But as the latter company, it has to be modern, trying to better mark its presence on the Internet, thanks creating a professional website that will improve its rank.

For those who don’t have the skills to create a website today, there is a CMS called WordPress that offers powerful tools that can help anyone get the job done. These tools called WordPress themes and plugins exist in large numbers, which generally puts a brake on the choice of the latter.

To help you with these tasks, we offer a checklist today Top 10 premium WordPress themesthat will help you create a business website. Without further ado, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our list and above all, do not forget to leave us your comments and remarks in the section dedicated to this purpose.

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Let’s go back to why we’re here.

1. facto

Facto is a premium WordPress theme that aims to help you create a website for any construction company. It is a simple and elegant WordPress theme, suitable for creating any website for any business looking to offer services in this niche.

Thanks to the integration with King Composer plugin, modifying any page template contained in this WordPress theme will be easy. You will have this opportunity use this tool to create your own layouts from scratchor use the templates provided natively with this WordPress theme.

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Includes several animation effects, powerful control panel, multi-language support, typographic options, WooCommerce supportby taking control of theme for kids and more. Its documentation is very detailed and customer service highlights all issues.

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2. Contio

Contio is a WordPress theme that will allow you to showcase any construction company website. It comes with a set of custom shortcuts dedicated to just this niche.

If your company has a specific graphics card or other details that need to be emphasized, then the customization options and configuration parameters will make your life enjoyable. Its design is based on the Bootstrap framework, and its functions include:

native and free integration of some popular WordPress plugins, support for shortcuts, multilingual support, presence theme for kidsdocumentation available on the Internet contact form, various color schemes, support for Elementor Premium WordPress plugin and many others.

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3. GrayHouse

Developed by a team of professionals, the GrayHouse WordPress Theme wants to be the one for which every developer will create a construction company website.

You can easily customize each aspect and the behavior of each of its pages thanks to full integration WPBakery plugin and looking after his many shortcodesIt comes with a configuration options panel which will be great if you want to customize the look and feel of your website. Also read our article on: How to build a successful online business

It is an easy-to-use premium WordPress theme. To confirm it, you just need to read its documentation, especially its demo version.

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4. RubyBuild

RubyBuild is a professional and extremely responsive WordPress theme. It offers several demos, the operation of which will be child’s play. And of course it will help you create any business website.

Its customization process is quite extensive, as is the case with most of the latest WordPress themes you can find on ThemeForest. The control panel has tons of intuitive options and a very user-friendly layout. So, whether you are a seasoned developer or a newbie in the field, know that its developers are committed to making the support for the latter user friendly.

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In addition to the various layouts and pages it ships with, it offers the following features: Compatibility with WooCommerce et The Slider Revolution, several header styles, different color schemes, support for multiple languages ​​and a few shortcuts, support for child themes and more.

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5. Constructionpro

Constructionpro is an elegant and elegant WordPress theme. If you browse through its demos, you’ll agree with us that there’s virtually nothing to complain about. Perhaps only the color schemes will not be able to match your desires or your company’s graphics card. But you know preferences are not in question.

Under a clean and simple design that provides optimal comfort while browsing, it hides a fairly large number of options and features that make each section of the site stand out, which allows improve traffic to your website.

It comes with many fully functional demos to help you get started quickly. You can check out each of his shows on his website. It is compatible with the plug package WooCommerce it will also allow you to sell your products.

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In any case, this premium WordPress theme is easily customizable according to your vision. So don’t hesitate to trust him.

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6. arczone

Arczone is a WordPress theme that acts as an extremely inventive website development platform. Much more than a WordPress theme, it is an all-in-one solution for your design, interior design or architecture needs.

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Arczone has everything you need to take your business to the next level and is extremely easy to set up and use. Your new website will be ready in no time! You’ll also be able to use this tool to create your own custom layouts from scratch.

Despite being new, it has already proved to be a serious option in this WordPress theme category. It offers as functionalities: compatibility with several browsers, WPML support, comprehensive documentation, installable demo with one click, Search engine optimized SEO and more.

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7. Constrix

Constrix is ​​a full-featured, intelligently coded WordPress theme designed to help you easily create any business website. This is a WordPress theme that will be the perfect partner for many beginners or professional webmasters.

In this WordPress theme you will find a page builder and layout tool with a clear and intuitive visual interface, the ability to add backgrounds to your publications or pages, and a set of configuration parameters that will give you total control to personalize your website.

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8. Constrion

Constrion is a premium and modern WordPress theme designed for those looking to create a website for any construction company. The beauty of its layout on any mobile device will allow you to offer user-friendly access to your website to all partners, customers and visitors.

It is a WordPress theme with countless features that will allow you to make advanced page customization. It is compatible with most modern WordPress plugins, including: WPBakery, WPML. WooCommerce, Gravity forms, The Slider Revolution and other.

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It is also coded according to WordPress standards for excellent loading performance. It supports many parallax effects, and its documentation is extensive and available online.

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9. Builderry

Buildberry WordPress Theme is a high quality product with amazing customer service, designed and developed by an experienced developer. It is designed for beginners and experts alike, making it a very friendly WordPress theme.

Designed with a mix of dark colors and large images, it will very quickly become the perfect showcase for any architectural, construction or industrial blog. With blog templates and post formats to choose from, as well as a range of pre-designed UI elements, it will be easy to build a professional and multi-functional website.

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This WordPress theme allows you to display a list of subcontractors on your pages and present your services in a professional manner, thus enabling you to attract potential partners.

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10. Walls of WP

Walls WP is a high-quality WordPress theme designed to help you build a website for architects. Its flexible layout also allows you to create construction, renovation and other corporate sites that want to present their services on the Internet.

Easily create your online store

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It is a WordPress theme with a unique design and equipment 100% responsive designwhich works great on a variety of mobile devices and the latest browsers. Except this look that will seduce your customerscomes with advanced features and options to help you take control of this WordPress theme with ease.

Among its functions, we can mention, among others: blog, teams and reference. This WordPress theme could be a great choice for you if you are serious about improving your online presence.

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